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BOP-Reported Positive Tests for COVID-19 Nationwide

BOP COVID-19 Charts and Graphs.10.6.2020.pdf


Federal Defenders of New York – COVID-19 RESPONSE

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all offices of the Federal Defenders of New York, Inc. (Brooklyn, Central Islip, Manhattan and White Plains) will be closed until further notice; our staff will work remotely during this time. The Federal Defenders of New York remains committed to providing the highest quality representation to our clients and serving as a resource to the bar and the community throughout this crisis.

While our physical offices are closed, our attorneys, paralegals, social workers, investigators and support staff will work remotely to ensure that our clients are zealously represented without interruption. Staff will be accessible by telephone and email.Please call our individual telephone extensions listed in our staff directory or email us at the email addresses listed in the directory.

As of March 15, 2020, we have been advised by the Chief Judges for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York that the District Courts will remain open. Decisions about whether to adjourn cases will be left to the individual judges.Attorneys will continue to represent their clients at all scheduled court appearances.For new arrests, attorneys will be on call to ensure that those arrested promptly appear before the court without delay.

On Friday March 13, 2020, the Bureau of Prisons announced a nationwide suspension of social and legal visiting at all BOP facilities.In an effort to facilitate the ability to communicate with the outside world, the Bureau of Prisons has announced it will increase the monthly telephone allowance to 500 minutes from 300 minutes.

We understand that the suspension of social visiting is devastating not only for our incarcerated clients, but for their families as well.While we try to negotiate alternatives to the blanket cancellation of social visiting, we remain committed to providing family members of incarcerated clients with updates on their loved ones and conditions at BOP facilities.

The interruption of legal visitation is untenable.It directly impacts our ability to effectively represent our clients. We also recognize that during times when social visiting is suspended, those of you on the outside count on us to be your eyes and ears in the BOP facilities and to make sure that your loved ones remain safe. Thus, we are fighting to ensure that we can continue to communicate with our clients during this time.

Given the declaration of the national emergency and how rapidly the response continues to change, we will continue to provide you with updated information as it becomes available.


Our Mission

The Federal Defenders of New York vigorously defends persons charged with federal crimes who cannot afford to hire an attorney. We are an independent, non-profit organization with lawyers practicing in the federal courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, with offices located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, White Plains, and Central Islip. Our mission is straightforward: Although we provide our services free of cost, our clients should receive the finest legal representation available at any price.

We subscribe to a client-centered approach to legal representation. We listen to our clients, pay close attention to their individual needs, and work closely with paralegals, investigators and social workers to address all aspects of a client’s circumstances. We use that knowledge together with our legal experience, skill and judgment to fight for our clients and obtain the best result possible.

I grew to like to defend men and women charged with crime... I was dealing with life, with its hopes and fears, its aspirations and despairs. With me it was going to the foundation of motive and conduct and adjustments for human beings, instead of blindly talking of hatred and vengeance, and that subtle, indefinable quality that men call 'justice' and of which nothing really is known. - Clarence Darrow

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