Forms For MDC Legal Calls

Starting Friday, June 12, we are switching over to forms instead of email. Moving forward, please only use the forms linked below. The / email addresses will remain active only to respond to last-minute schedule changes, to receive urgent call requests and to send scheduling confirmation emails. All requests submitted Friday June 12 and onward must be submitted using the request form. Please do not resubmit requests you've already submitted through the emails. Any feedback about calls you receive Friday and onward must be submitted using the feedback form. Please do not resubmit feedback you've already sent through the emails.



Calls are by default 30 minutes long. If you would like a longer call, you can indicate the preferred duration on the request form. Please note that we cannot guarantee longer calls, it is dependent on demand. If we cannot accommodate a call of your requested length by your last available date, we will schedule you for a standard 30-minute call. If that happens and you need more call time, please submit a request for an additional call.

We are limited to 4 calls per unit per day at MCC and 6 calls per floor per day at MDC. That means call spots fill up quickly. The earlier you submit your request and the more options you provide to us, the better.

We still need requests to be submitted at least 72 hours in advance of the earliest requested call date....

Further details see here: Jail Call Protocol 6.11.20.pdf