New protocol for requesting legal calls -- beginning April 20, 2020

The Judges in the EDNY and SDNY have worked with the MDC and MCC to establish procedures for telephonic court appearances; pretrial and probation interviews (including PSIs and interviews with inpatient and outpatient programs); and legal phone calls starting Monday, April 20, 2020. For now, all of this will be conducted by telephone. The plan is for videoconferencing equipment to be installed on each floor or unit of the facilities to enable court and legal videoconferences, but that is still in process.

The short version: telephonic court appearances will take place in the morning and legal phone calls and telephonic pretrial and probation interviews will take place in the afternoon. At the MDC, 6 non-court calls per floor will take place from 1-3:30. At the MCC, 4 non-court calls per unit will take place from 1-3:30. (And the facility may occasionally schedule a non-court call in the morning, when the schedule allows). The full explanation of the new protocol is attached.

Federal Defenders is coordinating the scheduling of all non-court calls. We have to get the schedule to the facility two days in advance, so please request your calls as far in advance as you are able. The limits on the number of calls per unit or floor will take some juggling, so you may not be able to get your call at your preferred time or your first requested date, but we will do our best. *the timing of the calls will not be precise -- we can ask the facility to do them in a certain order, but they are not going to guarantee that they happen at a certain time, just within the 1-3:30 time period* Please start requesting now for next week.

This is the procedure for requesting a legal call/pretrial interview/probation interview at the MDC or MCC:

Email for a client at the MDC and for a client at the MCC at least two days in advance.

Include the following information:

-Client Name

-Client Reg. No.

-Requesting Agency (Pretrial/Probation/Attorney)

-Phone Number that BOP should call you at

- For Probation/Pretrial, please also copy the defense attorney and provide the contact information for the attorney who will be on the call with you

- For all: if you will also need to patch in an interpreter, please provide the contact information for the interpreter


-The preferred date and time of the call (please give a couple options)
-Whether the request is urgent, and if so, the reason and date by which the call must occur (e.g., if a call needs to happen before a court appearance on 4/20, include that information)

We need your help to make this work. Please make sure to include all of the above information in your email requests and get them to us as far in advance as possible.

In addition, it is very helpful for us to know whether you actually get the call from the MDC or MCC. Please let us know afterwards if you got the call, so we can track this.

Jail Protocol - 4-8-2020 FINAL (1).pdf