White Plains Paralegal

White Plains Two Year- Paralegal Program

Job Description

Our paralegals work closely with trial attorneys and their clients on every step of their federal criminal cases, from arrest to acquittal or sentencing. It is an excellent opportunity to gain substantive exposure to criminal law prior to law school or graduate studies. Every day brings a new challenge, and may require conducting client interviews, assisting in the preparation of bail packages, interviewing witnesses, reviewing evidence, or obtaining mitigation materials from clients, their families, hospitals, schools, and drug treatment programs. The work takes our paralegals out of the office and all over the city, whether to the courtroom, the visiting rooms of federal prisons, or into the field on investigation. Our paralegals also have the extraordinary opportunity to sit at counsel table at trials on a regular basis.

Ideal candidates are self-motivated, independent workers; tenacious investigators; and professional and courteous ambassadors of our office to clients, their families, and other actors in the Criminal Justice system. We seek candidates with a sense of humor and flexibility, as well as an appreciation of the obstacles faced by our indigent clients, including issues of race, class, and ethnicity. Time management, organization, and attention to detail are key. We are seeking applicants from diverse experiences and backgrounds. Fluency in Spanish is highly desired.

To apply:

Please send cover letter and resume to FDNYParalegalhiring@fd.org. Please state "Paralegal 2019" in the subject line.

Application Deadline:

February 4, 2019

Start Date: Summer 2019